StantonMoor - nature's alternative in bathware


StantonMoor’s associated work with natural element products and a desire to find existing products in the market place has lead a natural entry into natural stone and wood bathroom ware. Each piece is individually crafted and providing a unique bathroom feature. We have catalogued three different series of bath ware:

Natural Stone: Created from one solid stone the ultimate in luxury. Antiques of the future.
Natures Wood: These pieces provide a point of difference. Traditionally used as soak tubs, our design range have combined today’s technology in coatings to allow everyday use bathing.

Marbles bound by resin matrix. This series evolved to allow creative choice
between shape and colour blend.

StantonMoor’s aim is to provide form using natures elegant simplicity with modern, contemporary design.

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Stone Baths
natural stone baths
natural stone basins
natural stone basins
precast baths
PietraCast baths
pre-cast basins
PietraCast basins
Wooden Baths
wood baths
wooden basins
wooden basins
Soak Designs
Bagno Sasso
bagno sasso
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